Conditions de notre Garantie prix le plus bas

ESTG guarantees the customer always the lowest price.

We check our prices regularly. If the market prices are lower, we adjust our prices immediately or we will refund the price difference, even up to two weeks after purchase.

However, it can happen that a competitor carries a lower price. Therefore, there is the ESTG lowest price guarantee. This price guarantee ensures that you will never pay more than through another distributor, and if you see a product of your choice cheaper from another solar wholesaler, we adjust our price immediately.

The terms of the lowest price guarantee are:

a)    the competitor's product is exactly the same type / model and quantity as our offer;
b)    the competitor's product is in new condition and immediately available;
c)    the competitor's product includes the full guarantee period issued by the manufacturer / supplier;
d)    the price difference must be validated by ESTG through an official price list, advertisement, written information and / or invoice of the competitor;
e)    temporary actions, promotional offers and stock clearance sales and liquidation sales are excluded;
f)    different delivery conditions (e.g. in the fields of carrier warranty, service and transportation), demo models (also called “dummies”), damaged products, etc. are excluded;
g)    the price difference must be effective at the time the customer claims the lowest price;
h)    the price difference is only valid for competitors with their headquarter and warehouse within the European Union; competitive prices outside the Europe Union are beyond the lowest price guarantee;

If the customer can prove that the product can be purchased under the above mentioned conditions for a lower price, ESTG will grant to deliver the product for the same price.

If the above conditions are met, the price difference will be adjusted directly in the sourcing platform, or the price difference will be paid to the customer by a coupon code for its next orders, in order to ensure the delivery of the confirmed order within the required deadlines.

Status: May 2016